3 Reel Slots

Every online slots player has their particular favorite blend of symbols, amount of reels and paylines, and for a surprising amount of players from around the world that favorite is the 3 reel slot. The 3 reel slots to be found in US online casinos today are superb replicas of the traditional old style Vegas slots, those with paytables displayed on the front and familiar symbols on the reels. The classic slots symbols on display on these great 3 reel slots will usually be lucky 7’s, bells, cherries and various fruits, however many slots development companies have created 3 reel slots with different themes and various bespoke symbols. Many 3 reel slots fans simply adore the simple and rapid fire slots action that these types of slots provide, that great no fuss and simple style that has been around for many years, and is sure to be around for many more to come. Players will also discover that with more modern 3 reel slots, development companies have added a few modern touches here and there and should you fancy a great mix of old meets new, then 3 reel slots can also provide this too.