US Slots Players and Progressive Slots

Almost all online casinos that welcome US Slots Players will offer up the opportunity of spinning the reels of the magnificient progressive slots. These awesome machines provide life changing jackpots and wins beyond the imagination, and they are a key offering that so many slots players simply adore enjoying. Progressive slots are all those types of slots that offer a progressive jackpot, which is a growing jackpot. The progressive jackpot will grow with each wager that the slots players make, which is a very tiny percentage of the bet, and with each slot to be found in many casinos, with plenty of players playing at the same time, these jackpots grow to huge amounts, and grow very quickly. There different types of progressive jackpots, such as...

There is the standalone progressive slot which is a machine that is not linked to other slots and most of the times has a fixed jackpot too. These type of jackpots are calculated from a percentage of all the wagers made on this particular machine, and the payouts can be huge.

Then there are the In-house progressive slots, that are groups of online video slots linked together and operated by a particular casino, or in some cases by more than one casino when these are run by the same company. The jackpots on these type of slots machines tend to grow faster than the standard progressive ones, therefore, it's more likely that when a player hits this progressive jackpot they will take home an impressive amount of cash.

The other type of progressive slots you should give a spin to are the wide-area progressive slots. These particular online slots are linked to many casinos and they are not necessarily owned by the same company. These are the largest and most sought after jackpots, the prize grows at an astonishing rate and when they pay, they pay out in some style. Although the odds of winning this type of progressive jackpot are similar to winning a large lottery prize, these jackpots tend to offer huge amounts of money, amounts that may just help you enjoy a huge lifestyle change.

Popular US Progressive Networks

There are a few great US online progressive slots networks. Perhaps the biggest of these is that of RTG. Slots on the RTG network are to be found in many of the very best RTG powered online casinos and titles include Mid Life Crises, Jackpot Piñatas, Shopping Spree and IRIS 300. Over the years these progressive slots have paid out millions of dollars to US slots players, and that will continue as the use and enjoyment of progressive slots keeps growing...just like the jackpots!