5 Reel Slots

Online 5 reel slots are by far the largest and most varied collection of slots that you will find in any given online casino. They make up such a large percentage of the total amount of slots available and incorporate many variations within themselves. Five reel slots can offer any mount of paylines from 10 up to over 1,000 and will also provide the player with an abundance of features that could include wilds and scatter symbols, freespins and bonus rounds and plenty more. 5 reels slots may also be progressive slots that offer the player the chance to win that huge progressive jackpot and the amount of themes available is endless. This type of slot has been the focus of attention for slots development companies for a while now and the continuing improvements in graphics, animations and sound effects has led us to the stage where some of the better 5 reel slots deliver almost a cinematic experience, with brilliant vibrant colors and wonderful immersive gameplay. They will, for the foreseeable future, continue to be the focus for both designers and players, and with such a strong following and a popularity that just seems to continue to rise then they seem set to stay at the top of the menu in all quality online casinos.