40 Paylines Slots

40 line slots were a little late finding their way into online casinos, and this is quite simply down to the fact that online slots development companies were busy creating the fantastically popular 20 and 25 line slots. They did get there eventually however and 40 line slots have taken off in a big way and can be now found in many quality US online casinos with their dazzling graphics and 5 reels packed full of features. The design and layout of the fantastic 40 line slots is similar to that popular format of those with lesser paylines with of course the appeal of them being the sheer amount of paylines on offer. Remember that due to the whopping 40 paylines that these slots are a little more expensive to play should you be wishing to play maximum lines, however this has in no way put slots players off and they are big favorites in many casinos. They do of course throw out plenty of features too and mixed in with that amount of paylines players will also find wild and scatter symbol wins, bonus rounds and freespins that deliver many more winning opportunities.