Fruit Machines

Since the first ever slot machines were invented, images of various fruits have been used on the reels, and this trend has continued right up to the modern era of online casinos and online slots. The original slots, due to the fruits on the reels quickly got the nickname fruit machines and this has stuck around with online slots development companies still using those fruity colorful images to this day. The types of fruit haven’t changed that much either and these 3 reel traditional styled fruit machines will still serve up pictures of cherries, lemons, melons, pears and other delicious looking treats. There are many online slots players today that still enjoy these simpler, easy to use and fast style of slots and most quality online casinos will deliver them in abundance, and although times have changed and things have moved on these type of fruit machine slots seem to be able to defy the odds and stay as popular as ever. The selection grows however the style remains the same and if you’re a fan of these classic old styled machines, then fear not, as you will find plenty to choose from.