100 Paylines Slots

Just a few years ago it would have been hard to imagine, let alone find, an online slot that offered 100 paylines...that’s 100 ways to win with every spin. From an online slots players point of view, these glorious machines offer what appears to be a never ending stream of winning opportunities, and although of course some of those wins are small, they do keep the excitement levels right up there and offer so much entertainment. The big wins can and do come thick and fast and a fantastic aspect to these 100 line slots is the capability for multiple wins with a single spin, in fact that is a very common occurrence. With the amount of wins and therefore action on the reels it’s not hard at all to imagine why these 5 reel video slots have become so popular and many online slots development companies will of course keep creating them, however it is not only the 100 lines and the sheer amount of wins that makes this type of slot so popular. This is also down to the fact that they are, as are most 5 reel slots, packed with features such as wild and scatter symbols, freespins, bonus rounds and more, that when tallied up make an incredible online slots experience that can pay dividends with each and every spin.